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Medical Books

If there’s something more common in India than becoming an engineer, it is the desire to become a doctor. Classes, textbooks, even the expensive entrance medical books, lots of time and even more money go into the middle-class’s fervent ambition of seeing their children become a doctor. So, when one has finally gone through all the exams and books and expectations and fees, how does one become good in what they do, because, being part of the medical profession doesn’t exclusively becoming a doctor. You can be a nurse, you can be a microbiologist, you can be a zoologist, you can be a psychologist; the possibilities are endless, differing from each other in their subject matter, their textbooks and their roles. To become good in what you do though, is tough. One way to do it is by reading good medical books.


Below is a list of some medical books, which might just help you, irrespective of how you are connected to the field of medicine.
An Advanced Laboratory Manual of Zoology

We all know how difficult it is to perform experiments perfectly. And when these experiments involve living, breathing animals…well, you have a life in your hands. In that case, you can always get this textbook to make sure that all your experiments go smoothly, and that there’s no room for doubts.

Industrial Microbiology

Ah microbiology. Working with microbes is always a tricky business, what with contamination and what not; moreover, jugaad in labs is a necessity. To make sure that your grip on the theory side is good enough, this medical book will serve as an ideal textbook for you when you dream at making your career in microbiology.

Psychology For Nurses

Psychology is always a tricky business, especially in the times we live in. For people in the field of taking care of patients however, this is as important as their medical expertise. If you’re or you plan to be associated with this noble profession, it is this medical book that can help you handle people better.
Dermatoglyphics In Genetics and Medicines
A medical book on the link between a person’s fingerpint and her/his health? Sounds far-fetched, but then everything that we have in medical advancements would have sounded the same to your grandparents. This not-too-heavy textbook is worth a read, if just to satisfy your curiosity.
Dermatoglyphics In Genetics and Medicines
When you’re going to join a profession where you’re could save a life one day, but be unable to do that on another day, it is no easy job to be doing. More than theory or practice, at that point you need advice from someone who has been a part of the profession; however, there can’t be many someones who have close to fifty years experience and can write it down as well. Aye, this is not a textbook, technically speaking, but this medical book is definitely worth a read.

Ok, fine; this isn’t a textbook, or not a medical book. But this is a story is about a woman who broke norms and was one of the first to become a surgeon, this side of the gender divide. Inspirational women are always a welcome boost for our society; what better medical book than this, for all the aspiring medical professionals?

Engineering Books

In this age of digital resources and PDFs, just how relevant is a textbook? When you can have all the information you need from a few clicks and a good enough net connection, why bother picking up and going through these heavy tomes, especially when you probably need it for just a couple of semesters at best?

Fair enough. Now try remembering being a student at school.

Before your exams, all you had was a textbook. Maybe your notes and/or a worksheet, but the important thing was the textbook. All the information you ever needed (more importantly, all the information that the teacher needed from you), was here, all of it explained as well as humanely possible. All you had to do was read it. Because you knew that if you closed the last page of the chapter in the syllabus, you wouldn’t need anything else. In fact, even then, the kid who would come to the exam after reading the entire thing from the textbook had a special halo around her/ him. So, tell me, why will the situation be any different  in college?

Still not convinced? Don’t worry; we will keep pecking at you until you finally admit that you need a textbook!

Engineering Books

One of the frustrating things about being an engineer is the way people assume that it’s damn easy. I mean, come on people! Studying Engineering Books is tough, understanding them, tougher, and finding physical copies of these engineering books at reasonable prices? Phew!

Here, we present to you a list of some of the essential reading you need, and also where to find your copy of these engineering books. Let’s go!

Elementary Engineering Mathematics

One of the things that trips up students and keeps them sobbing over spoilt grades, is Mathematics; trust me, you will never need an engineering book as much as you need it for Maths. And for surviving that 1st year, when all of it seems Greek, this textbook is definitely worth a look.


Theory and Solved Problems In Chemical Principles and Process Calculations

Process engineering. Too many variables, too many formulae, and too less marks. The only thing that can save you here is practice and understanding; this engineering book will cover you on both these fronts.


Microwave Engineering

At a time when the whole world is fussing over circuits and chips, this textbook can save you from blowing your fuse over it. This textbook by Sanjeev Gupta is recommended reading, more so as this engineering book is on the reference lists for Microwave Engineers, across universities.


Engineering Chemistry

Dr. O.P Aggarwal needs no introduction; you might have used his textbooks while getting into engineering. On the other hand, no one regrets learning too much about chemical bonds and lattices; better to rely on a trusted author and his engineering book to let you revise all the concepts.


A Text Book of Applied Mechanics Dynamics and Statics

Inertia, moment of force and vectors can and will resurface in engineering, even if you’re not remotely associated with the structural and civil side of engineering. To be prepared when you have to deal with them, this engineering  book is a good textbook to have beside you.

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